QOTW: October 12, 2012

“Read in your mouth, Anna-Laura.”
John Paul, a wee bit frustrated that he couldn’t concentrate because his sister was being too loud. HA!

“Candy pweese, so hungwee.”
In between therapy visits this week, Luke and I made a quick run to the store to get a few things. He kept pointing to the candy saying “pweese?” How could I deny that face? When we returned home he said this to me and pointed to said candy. At 200 calories a serving, it’s right up Luke’s alley.

“Is it a law that you have to put a loop at the end of a cursive word?”
John Paul. I love 3rd grader logic.

For your pictorial bliss, I present my big second grader. This was the photo I snapped of her for the school gala project. I am loving the missing tooth.

This weekend will be full of activity, family and lots of blessings. I’m speaking to a Catholic sorority at A&M this weekend. Pray for me. Here’s hoping what I said in my brain comes out through my mouth. Little nervous, although being back in College Station – if only for a short bit – is truly a slice of heaven.

And, Master Will has his first middle school dance. MIDDLE. SCHOOL. DANCE. = NO. WAY. Yes way, it’s happening. We struck a bargain. I’m taking his picture tomorrow so I don’t have to embarrass him on the actual dance day. I get my picture, he doesn’t get made fun of my his friends. Win-win for both of us.

We have our nephew/Godson’s baptism, too. I’ll be the one in the corner, holding him, soaking in the chrism. My goodness, I could smell that stuff all day. Stay tuned for photos.

Somebody in the house is having a H-U-G-E birthday next Friday. Holla to the 40s, baby. I am so excited to celebrate with Scott, all weekend, without children. My parents are holding down the fort here so we can enjoy some time in College Station. Haven’t you heard? It’s the new Holyland. Definitely stay tuned for those celebration photos.

The following week, Oct. 22-28, I’m changing things up on the blog and participating in Adventuroo’s,¬†The Week in My Life¬†series. If you’re a momma blogger and want to join the fun, click on that link. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while and the accountability is just what I needed. I definitely document the funnies on the blog, but not always the pictorial proof.

Make it a great weekend!

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  1. Kathleen on October 12, 2012 at 9:42 am

    “Read in your mouth.” That’s so funny. Good luck with your speaking gig. Have a great weekend.

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