QOTW: October 18, 2012

You’re getting your quotes a day early. Tomorrow is a B-I-G day for somebody around here and he gets a post all to his own!

“You are cheap, but good.”
Scott, on my refusal to buy the standard school pictures and instead, take my own. I think it was a compliment? Either way, we saved about $100!

A friend emailed this conversation to me and it was just too classic not to share. Our sons are in school together and both attended the middle school dance last week.

Friend:  “Boy, that Cotillion thing is really working for Will.”
Mom:  “Will isn’t doing cotillion because of football.”
Friend:  “Oh…well, he really knows what he is doing out there!”I laughed, so hard. I keep re-reading it. Will, obviously, had a grand time at the dance. At last count, it looks like he danced with six girls and it was a mix of him asking them and vice versa. Biggest win of the night? “Mom, I had a really great time. Next time can I get there on time?” The part I enjoyed most was hearing the play-by-play the next morning. Not only was it highly entertaining, but I loved that he wanted to share all the details with me. Here’s praying that keeps up for many years to come.“Like water off a duck’s back.”
Will, sharing with me how he handles it when other kids tease him. Yeah, I think no matter where your kids are schooled, teasing just comes as part of the life package. I’m so proud of how he’s handled it and even more proud that he feels safe enough to share his fears and frustrations with me. My goodness I hope it’s always like that. He is such a fine young man.

Oh the joy of that Texas devil. Clare and Luke both stepped in a humongous pile at last night’s football game. So much for getting to see Will play his last flag football game of the season. I managed to get all the ants off Luke before any damage was done, but Clare. Oh, poor Clare. She has 23 bites and some as big as a quarter, all over her legs. I probably need to blog about that whole “after the ant bite” experience. It could make you laugh. Maybe.

Boy, do we have a stellar weekend ahead. A 40th birthday for the Mr., a yell leader reunion, midnight yell practice (still not sure we can stay awake that long), the LSU game and time with so many friends I might pass out from the fellowship. I CAN NOT wait. Before the deliciousness of the weekend, I have three parent-teacher conferences,  a new foot brace fitting for Luke and a house to clean.

Just keepin’ it real.

Have a fabulous weekend, y’all. Tune in tomorrow morning for a tribute to the man I love and then go enjoy your two days off!

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