QOTW: July 6, 2012

ME: “Clare, knock off the silliness or you’re going to earn yourself a first-class ticket to bed.”
CLARE: “I don’t have any tickets.”

ANNA-LAURA: “Clare, we have to take the money to the bank or the robins will get it.”
ME: “You mean robbers?”
ANNA-LAURA: {giggles} “Yes.”

ME: “Oh, look, Clare it’s the horse trailer!”
CLARE: “You mean the UNICORN trailer, Mom?”
Clare enjoyed the birthday party of a special fellow preemie and she was super important enough that a real-life unicorn was there. The government may say mermaids don’t officially exist, but I have proof that unicorns do. So there.

It was a lovely week, especially with the mid-week break for 4th of July. We have a pretty low-key weekend ahead and for that, I am quite excited. Next week I have all a guide to Pinterest for HDYDI Monday, all the party details from Clare’s lollipop birthday party, my best “top ten” for nursery must-have’s and the long lost photos from Father’s Day – how did I miss posting those?! A fun week ahead, indeed. Go make it a great weekend!

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