QOTW: June 8, 2012

“Why are you going to take a walk, Mom? Do you need to lose some weight like I said on that paper?”
John Paul, you are KILLING ME.  Perhaps we need to chat about the difference between losing weight and staying healthy.  But, I’ll admit I laughed off some calories after that quote.

“Are you having a weak moment?”
Will, when the kids asked if they could have donuts for an afternoon snack and I said, ‘yes.’

“Mater. Upstairs. Now.”
Luke is slightly obsessed with all things “Cars”.  Any given moment he can tell you exactly where Mater, Qeen, Fimm and Doct are in the house.  It’s quite cute really.  I’m just thrilled he’s making three-word sentences.

In case you’re wondering, this is going to be the best weekend EVER because it’s the start of my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND Y’ALL!  I milk it for as long as possible.  I love me some birthdays.  And, I’m not even sad I’m getting closer to 4-0.  I’m just happy to have another year to celebrate.  I will have all sorts of birthday goodness to share with you on Monday.

It’s been a good/crazy/fun/frustrating week.  I’ve been super busy with work and the kids have been wanting more of me.  I’m trying hard to find the right balance, which is especially tough when you’re a work-at-home mom.  One big leap of faith I’ve taken is I signed up for an online course “Content Brew” at the urging of another blogger I admire.  So far, I am in love.  It has given me so many tools to calm the chaos, give me more time and allow me to do what I love.  Much of what I’ve learned I’ll be applying to my graphic design business, too.  So, yeah, it’s been a great thing.

Next week we have VBS which I was crazy enough to direct this year – I know, I know – zip it.  I’ll be reevaluating all things volunteer come August but for now, I’m going to enjoy a really special week with the kids.  Will starts his gifted and talented camp next week, as well, and the girls are doing swim lessons.  So, summer is in full swing and I’m liking it.  Make it a great weekend.  I know I will 🙂

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