QOTW: June 1, 2012

“Where is my eyebrow?”
Clare, asking for an apron while she helped me bake cookies.  AH!  I love that girl.

“Luke, if you do that again Mom will have your hide.”
Will, telling Luke to NOT throw my iPhone off the balcony.  Thankfully, he threw it to the carpeted side and it landed on the couch!

“Dad, when do you get off for the summer?”
John Paul.  If I’m not mistaken he asked the same question last year.  Yep, not mistaken.

Luke, when referring to any food that looks “gross.” HA!

So far, summer is swimming along.  It’s day 1 and it already feels like we’ve been basking in it a while.  I hope this summer lingers a bit.  I’m enjoying having the chicks in the nest.  Really, I am.  We have a graduation party this weekend and some family time.  That’s it.  Hallelujah, praise the Lord, the tilt-a-whirl of crazy has almost come to a stop.  Some funny, crazy, wonderful, icky things happened this week.

I enjoyed my first Blogger Meet Up with Austin Catholic New Media.  Loads of fun.

I got an email from the local Catholic radio station asking for an interview…with me.  Yeah, that’s crazy.  More on that next week.

I’ve had a steady flow of great clients email and hit me up for some work.  They are my fun clients so that always makes for a wonderful week.

And, the icky was Luke’s latest doctor visit.  But, let’s not ruin your weekend.  I still have a lot of processing to do from that visit, so we’ll tackle it next week, okay?

Make it a great weekend!

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