QOTW: May 25, 2012

“Did you know snakes can swallow burps?”
Clare, on how snakes can swallow birds.

“It’s not broken, but you’re going to feel pain for a good 4-5 weeks.”
Yeah, so about 2.5 weeks ago, I fell on the stairs and landed smack on my tailbone.  Ow-za.  After two weeks of pain, I finally decided to go see the doctor.  He said it was really badly bruised, but not broken.  The next few weeks should be super fun.

I’m a little light on quotes this week, but I do have one sweet story to share.  It’s one I don’t want to forget.  On Wednesday evening, just before bed, I asked Scott if he had checked on the kids.  He hadn’t, so I hustled upstairs to make sure all was quiet on the western front.  As I walked into the girls’ room, I noticed an empty bed and immediately looked to see if Anna-Laura was sick and in the bathroom.  Upon further investigation, I found her, snuggled up next to Clare, in the same bed.  For a minute, I just stood there enjoying the sweetness of the moment.  I never had a sister, but begged my mom relentlessly for one.  Instead, he gave me two daughters.  I gently scooped up Anna-Laura and put her back in bed and rearranged Clare and put her under her covers.  It made me offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for giving those two a sister to love.  To share a room (and a bed) with.  To have for a very, very long time (I hope).  It was such a precious childhood moment.  Those are the moments of parenthood that make the long days worth it.

We have a gloriously UNbusy, long weekend ahead.  A graduation party, Mass and some time with family is all that’s on the agenda.  The end of school is here and I am 2.5 days from becoming a mom to a middle schooler.  Not. Possible.  Make yours a great weekend, too!

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