QOTW: May 11, 2012

And the winner of the adorable Mary softie?

Kimberly (check your e-mail sweet lady!)

This week, we had some great quotes.  Obviously.  Here’s a few:

“Are you a priest?”
John Paul to Fr. Dave.  He wasn’t sure what to do with a priest without his collar on.  I explained that sometimes priests wear real clothes!

“So, Fr. Dave, the priest we listen to on the radio, is coming to our house?  Wow, that is so cool.”
Will, after hearing the news.  I think there was a fist pump in there, too.  About two seconds later he says, “I don’t have to ask him a question, do I?”  For my non-Catholic friends Fr. Dave has a show on Sirius and it gives listeners a chance to call in and ask questions of faith – about anything.  Will and I love listening to it when we’re out shuttling kids.  If you don’t have satellite radio, never fear.  You can listen to some of the shows online at their website.

“For this three-month therapy cycle, Luke has met all of his speech goals but one.”
Luke’s speech therapist, Tasi.  He has made amazing progress in speech.  He’s still behind (on the low end of “normal”) but a far cry from the year+ delay just six months ago.  I am one proud momma.  This quote made me realize how far behind I am in the “Luke updates” department.  Perhaps that will be on tap later this month.

Will:  “Come on John Paul, let’s go outside.”
JP:  “Wait, I gotta finish this chapter.”
Y’all have no idea how much we’ve struggled with getting John Paul to sit down and do anything for longer than a few minutes.  Getting him to read hasn’t been nearly as easy as it was with Will.  In the last month, though, he’s finally started to show an interest and I am giddy with excitement.

“Penis.”  “Toot face.”  “Poop butt.”
Luke’s new favorite words, compliments of his big brothers.  Well, at least he knows the right name for the body part.  As for the others, they are – um – two-word sentences??  Boys.  Sigh.

This weekend is crazy fun, again.  We have a math tournament, a baseball game (or two, depending upon makeups with all this rain!), Mass, a Mother’s Day trip to the NICU and a pretty fabulous celebration of moms on Sunday.  I can hardly wait.  Oh, and Scott gets home today.  He’s been gone since Sunday and I’ve been batching it.  To all you single parents out there, you have my sincere prayers.  It ain’t easy and I only did it a week.

On tap for next week?

HDYDI:  Choose a Mother’s Day Out Program
My Photography Class Recap
Top Ten:  Teacher Love
PK Graduation
and more.

Go make it a great weekend!

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