QOTW: March 30, 2012 {and a story}

“Well, hello Mr. Pickle.”

Clare’s new nickname for Luke.  It’s hilarious when she says it.


“Did he just hit two knuckleballs?”

John Paul is so much fun to watch during baseball practice.  This week he hit a home run.  Hopefully he can do it again this weekend!



Yeah, this one’s a story.  Anna-Laura was reading off her spelling words to me one afternoon while we were in the van.  She says, “Stop-ping.”  To which the boys lose it.  Completely.  That’s when I asked, “Boys, do you really think that would be one of your sister’s spelling words at school?”  Their reply?  “No, but it should be.”  {insert more raucous laughter here}  BOYS.

We’re off to enjoy another busy, but fun, weekend – soccer x2, baseball, Mass, a belated family birthday celebration for Will and my dad and a couple of honey-do things for the house.  It’s certainly never boring here.  Make it a great weekend!


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