QOTW: February 3, 2012

“That dinner was FANtastic.”

Will, on my mad cooking skills.



Luke’s language skills are really beginning to bloom (thanks be to God) and he busted out with this gem at Mass the other day.


“Poopy butt.”

And on the flip side, this is what the boys taught him this week.  Just keeping it real.


It’s been a helluva few weeks around here.  This weekend we have basketball practice and a friend’s birthday party on tap.  I’m hopeful that I can also regain my sanity and a few more hours of sleep.  For some reason, I’ve been inundated with work – this is usually my slow time of year – and I am grateful.  Tired, but grateful.  Oh, and how can it be February already.  Really?  One more last random thought – #11 to Wednesday’s list should be “My dinner date with Matthew Kelly!”  That will definitely be blog material.

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