QOTW: February 10, 2012

“We practically grew up playing on this court.”

Will, getting all nostalgic about his three years at his former school…as a fifth grader!  His basketball team played a tournament game this week and won (they were the underdogs!).  Give it up for the #6 seed upsetting the #3 seed.  I have two VERY happy men in my house.


“Jacket on.”

Luke said a two-word sentence!!!!!!!!  Praise the Lord he’s making some speech progress.


“Um, Kathryn is John Paul with you or is he walking in the neighborhood by himself?”

A sweet neighbor checking on me and the kids.  For the record, John Paul was about 10 houses behind me as I sat waiting for him in the van.  He was not so nice to his sister when he got in the van after school, so I made him walk part of the way home to “get his angry out.”  It worked.


“My hands may be full, but you should see my heart.”

A great friend sent me that quote over the weekend and I couldn’t help but share.  Love it.  I may just make myself a t-shirt with that saying.


We have a busy weekend ahead, a basketball playoff game for Will, a birthday party and Valentine’s dinner with all my family – brother, SIL, niece, mom and dad.  I do so feel the love and I really appreciate, much more than you will know, the kind messages, comments, FB posts and texts I’ve received since yesterday about Luke.  What more could a girl ask for?  Make it a great weekend.

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