QOTW: October 7, 2011

{insert screaming and crying here}

Oh yes, today must be SCHOOL PICTURE day.  Those are just a barrel of monkeys, aren’t they?  I only buy the cheapest one so I can have the official school picture, the rest are taken by my good friend, Shannon.  The kids were all, “We don’t wanna wear our dress uniforms two days in a row,” and “Aw, Dad, do you have to put gel in my hair?”  Yep, so many smiles at our house this morning.  Not.  Oh well, hopefully they’ll warm up to the idea around mid-morning and the photog will get some cute photos.  One can hope.

“Ryan came!”

ALG and John Paul when they spied one of our favorite babysitters.  We have a pretty awesome family in our lives, the Leggett’s.  The older two have been/are our babysitters, but I consider them much more than that.  Y’all, these kids / young adults are the kind of people I want my children to grow up and be.  They are polite, faithful, fun and awesome with my kids.  Ryan came to Will’s flag football game last night.  I’m not sure who was more excited, John Paul, Will or Anna-Laura.  (poor Clare is scared of boys, so it takes her a while to warm up to sweet Ryan)  Thanks for coming!!

“It doesn’t rain in Texas, Mom.”

Will, when I told him we had a 40% chance of the wet stuff this weekend.  Oh my.  We need some rain, y ‘all.

It’s another fun weekend of sports with all the kids!  Will’s team had two tough losses this week, but we are quite proud of the way the boys held their heads high.  I’ll post some pics next week from their season.  The weather has been so hot lately that we haven’t seen our neighbors in ages.  Tonight, we plan on pulling out the camping chairs, grabbing a beer and enjoying some adult conversation after the kids go to bed.  On Sunday, the kids will all be auditioning for Christmas play parts this weekend, too.  Can it already be time for that?  All in all, a really fun weekend ahead.  Make yours great, too!

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  1. Michelle on October 7, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    We’ll send some rain your way and pray for it to start soon. It wasn’t stopping here for a while. Mushrooms are all over my mulch. YUCK!

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