QOTW: September 30, 2011

“Go ahead and take out a window buddy, it’ll be the last life you live.”

Scott, to John Paul after asking him NOT to kick the football in our backyard.

“The bathroom sures smells minty fresh.”

Scott, being serious.  It took some convincing because NONE of our bathrooms are ever described that way.  After a quick glance in the trash can, I saw an entire container of floss that had been pulled out and emptied.  Well, on the upside, I guess the kids are flossing now.

“Mom, what got into you?”

Will, after seeing Froot Loops and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios on the counter after my recent grocery trip.  My reply?  “I had a weak moment, son.”  We rarely eat sugary cereal for breakfast, but I decided to buy them on a whim.  See, I can be spontaneous.

We have a busy weekend ahead (aren’t they all?), but it should be loads of fun.  Soccer x2, flag football, the wedding of a sweet friend, a garage sale, Mass and family pictures.  I’d say that’s a packed – but totally fun – way to spend the weekend.  Make yours great, too!

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  1. Nicole on September 30, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Ha! Love the quote asking about sugary cereal… One night this week I had all three kids at the grocery with me – and I bought a box of lucky charms. It was the first box of lucky charms I’ve ever purchased… Yes, it was a weak moment for me, too. And in the grand scheme of things, I figured it wasn’t a big deal with all we have going on right now… 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

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