QOTW: September 16, 2011

Me:  Do you like watching flag football?
JP:  No.  I like playing it.

“I don’t want a boy.” {insert tears here}
Clare, when she found out Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Cory had a boy.

“We don’t need to care what it is Clare, it’s just a baby.”
Anna-Laura, trying her hand at empathy?

“I knew it!”
Will, when he heard Uncle Cory say it was a boy.

“Is his last name Whitaker?”
John Paul asks.

What a fabulous way to end the week.  Sweet baby Hudson was born yesterday and the kids are clearly over the moon – we think Clare will warm up to him soon 🙂  We have lots of sports games this weekend and a BIG birthday celebration for Master Luke on Sunday.  Could it get any better?  Make it a great weekend.

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