QOTW: August 5, 2011

This is really more of story.  A couple of days ago, I got the kids started on lunch while I washed dishes.  The boys were being all “creative” with their pretzel sticks and spelling out words.  Just before I pat myself on the back, I looked down to see John Paul’s word…


“What, Mom?” he said, as he quickly ate the “p”.  It says “EE”.

I couldn’t even hide my laughter.  That was pretty funny, buddy.

“So when you’re big like me, your brain is bigger and you can put more stuff in it.”
John Paul, reasoning why Luke just didn’t understand as much as he did.

“I have book reporters block.”
Will trying to explain to me why he still hadn’t finished his summer book reports for school.  Nice try, sir.  Get to work.

Luke, trying to say “call me”.  The kids saw it in a movie and Luke picked up the hand motion and the saying.  So cute.

I am so hopeful that the sickness has truly left the building.  July just stunk. it. up.  ALG’s repeat x-rays are still showing some pneumonia, so we’ll repeat them again in another couple of weeks.  All in all, though, everyone is feeling pretty good.  We have a fun weekend ahead, a little Aggie Catholic get together, a little school pant hemming and some family time.  My heart is happy/sad that summer is almost over.  Just one more week!  EEK.

Make it a great weekend.  See y’all Monday.

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  1. Alexis D. on August 5, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    yea! see y'all tomorrow!

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