QOTW: July 15, 2011

“Mom! Mom!”
Master Luke finally busted out with the word I’ve been praying for all of 21 months.  Then, he followed it up with about a dozen kisses.  I did tear up, for the record.  Now, when I ask him, “What’s my name?” He proudly says, “MOM,” with a big smile.  That makes two of us, buddy.

“I hope I make it to the eighth grade.”
John Paul.  Where does he come up with this stuff?

“Do you ever wonder if I’m going to stop talking?”
John Paul, again. 

“I have lots of things to say, don’t I Mom?”
John Paul.  Yes, son, you do.

“So, we’ll see you in a year.”
Luke’s nephrologist.  Love that man.  I’ll have a full update with pictures next week!

“Being sick sure does stink.”
Will.  Who then so kindly shared his icks with John Paul and Anna-Laura.  They’ve all had fevers and hacking coughs.  The doc says it’s just a virus.  And that the incubation period is 7-10 days.  Awe-some.  We told Will if we had to, we’d leave him at home while we went to HP.  Kidding, only kidding.  Maybe.  It looks like he’s on the mend, though, so we’re in the clear.

“12 more hours!!!!”
Scott.  I think he’s more excited than Will and I combined about seeing Harry Potter tonight.  It should be lots of fun.

We have a little cinema, a little home improvement, a little decluttering and a little family time on tap these next few days.  Make it a great weekend!

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