QOTW: June 24, 2011

JP:  What time is it?
Will:  Time for yell practice.
Spoken like a true son of an Aggie yell leader.  Gig ’em, howdy and hullaballoo.

“This was the best day of my wife.”
Clare after her first day of VBS.  Guess it was a hit.

“You know, babies have little butts.”
Cute PKer at VBS when he saw Luke walk by.  I love kid perspective.  It’s true!

“Luke just made my week.”
Luke’s occupational therapist after his visit this week.  More on THAT next week.  Luke has a big procedure at Dell on Tuesday afternoon.  Keep him (and us) in your prayers.

“Mrs. Whitaker, I need you to give me a call.  Will was involved in an incident at lunch.”
That’s never a call you want to get.  Seems as if some peer pressure led Will to make a bad choice.  It was a great teachable moment and while I am not a fan of bad choices by my children, I am grateful when they do them under my roof.  It gives us a chance to parent.  But, oh my.  Parenthood gets harder.  Potty training, sleep training, toddler tantrums and food wars are nothing compared to what God is starting to throw our way.  No wonder parents of older children pray so much!

It has been an AMAZING week at VBS.  I’ll get a Monday post up about our week.  Thank you, God, for so many God sightings.  We have a birthday girl’s party this weekend – yea for summer birthdays! – a baseball game with the boys and some sweet family time.  Make it a great weekend.

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