QOTW: May 6, 2011

“Wuke is the cutest baby evaw.”
Clare.  I couldn’t agree more.  She says this at least 3-5 times a day.  I will be sad when she stops.

“Can we still watch American Idol?”
John Paul and Will.  I got them hooked.  Usually, we DVR it and let them watch the highlights.  That way, I can edit out any missteps by Steven Tyler 🙂  We all want James to be in the final, John Paul is rooting for Haley and Will I have money on Scotty.  We shall see.

“Whoa, he is motoring.”
Dr. Meyer, Luke’s general surgeon, as soon as he stepped into the patient room and saw Luke.  The last time he saw us, Luke looked like THIS!  It was most definitely a bittersweet goodbye.  As Scott’s old outfit in the Corps used to say, “For the good times…”

“Oh my goodness, for heaven’s sake.”
Clare, at just about everything.  Scott has GOT to watch what he says around her…

“I want to pray for Daddy who’s sleeping in the airport at ‘Cago.”
Clare evidently thinks when you travel, why not just sleep at O’Hare in Chicago?  I mean, really, who needs a hotel room?

We have a full weekend of crazy.  Scott gets home later today (yee-haw), then it’s a day full of church volunteering, Mass altar serving/lectoring and some Mother’s Day festivities on Sunday.  Some women talk about how excited they are that they “get the day off” on Mother’s Day and how it makes their husbands appreciate them more.  If I’m supermom, then I married superdad.  He always appreciates what I do – and tells me often.  I love that man.  So much.

I’ll be back on Sunday for a little Mother’s Day post.  Until then, make it a great weekend!

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