QOTW: May 27, 2011

“Are you wearin’ wipskip?”
Clare.  If I have not said it enough, I will say it once more.  3yo lingo is awesome.  She was trying to say “lipstick.”

The kids were all taking swim lessons at Nitro.  Their classes are divided into two sections, Nitro 1 and 2, and there are 10 stations within each.  The kids get uubercompetive on the “station” thing and last Monday was no exception.

JP:  Will, what station are you?
W:  6
JP:  Oooooooooh, BURNED.  I’m on 7!

“Granny won’t be sad this weekend because she’ll be at our house.  We have LOTS of people here!”
Anna-Laura, commenting on Granny’s stay at our house during the birthday celebration.  Sometimes your kids are the ones teaching you lessons.  ALG had commented earlier in the week how Granny must be sad living alone.  Scott’s dad died nearly six years ago and the cat, Muffin, passed away last year.  In her mind, it’s impossible to be sad when you’re in a houseful of people.  I’d say that was pretty astute of a 6yo to make that connection.  Thank you, sweet girl, for reminding me.

“Mom, I’m writing a journal entry about ‘Something Beautiful’…guess who it’s about…{big grin} YOU!”
Will.  I’m telling you, that boy is going to tear my heart out when he leaves the nest.  Can he stay innocent a little while longer, Lord?

We have a wonderful 3-day weekend ahead of us.  The kitchen underwent a little makeover and it was great fun.  I got to play contractor for a few days.  Let me tell you, though, that was work!  There will be lots of cooking, a trip to the swimming pool, a high school gradaution party for the world’s best babysitter, time with neighbors (I hope!), time with Nana and Papa and a visit with the Sisters.  Is it possible to cram that much joy in three days?  Yes.  Yes, I think it is.  Make it a great weekend!

Hat tip to the many men and women who said goodbye to their families so we could say hello to ours.  God bless the USA.

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