QOTW: April 29, 2011

“Who is bills?”
Anna-Laura, in response to my sigh and “oh, more bills” after checking the mailbox.  Cute.

“I want to be a princess, mommy!”
Clare, while we were watching some recaps of “the” wedding of Kate and William.  I told her she was already one.  “Daddy’s!” she said.

“Blessed John Paul II.”
Somehow in all the hullabaloo of the wedding, this beautiful beatification has gotten lost in the media vortex.  You can bet I’ll be getting my hiney out of bed on Sunday morning to see this one live.  It reminded me of another royal/saint event.  The weekend Princess Diana died, Mother Teresa also perished and it was overshadowed as well.

We have a busy, busy weekend ahead.  Visits from the aunt/uncle/nephew (yea!!), lunch with friends, the Holy Family gala and a little yardwork.  As always, make it a great weekend.  I’ll catch y’all on Monday.  Oh, and I’ll be guest blogging over at Catholic Mothers Online about the beatification.  Link to come.

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