QOTW: April 15, 2011

“I bopped ’til I dropped, Mom.”
Clare after dance class last week.  That girl and her quotes.  Love ’em.

“Hide! Hide! Hide!”
Luke, as soon as Scott arrives home every night.  He beelines to the closet to “hide” so Scott can find him.

“You are so mean.”
Will, in response to me making him do his homework.  Yes, son, I’m evil.  Just wait until you’re in middle school.  Oh, the horror.

We have an awesome weekend ahead.  Dinner with sweet friends here at the house, a spa day with my mom and SIL tomorrow, Luke’s second NICU reunion from his first hospital (I know, confusing.  Explanation on Monday), an Aggie Catholic get together, Mass and some yard work.  Whew.  That’s a lotta crazy.

Today Luke got measured for his foot braces.  I was a little leary about taking the kids, but they proved to be a great distraction.  Pics and stories next week.  Until then, make it a great weekend!

Oh, and a new “I hope this is a regular feature” series debuts on the blog next Monday.  Fun, fun!

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