QOTW: April 1, 2011

There’s another Whitaker on the way!!!!!!!

Seriously.  No foolin.

Except this little Whitaker is being cooked by Aunt Jennifer.  She’s due in September and we are ecstatic.  I’ve already bought the cutest onesie.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Oh how fun Christmas will be this year.  The girls had a conversation about the baby and it cracked me up.

“Oh, I hope Aunt Jennifer has a baby girl.”

“Well, I hope she has either a boy or a girl.”

ALG to Clare: “You’re funny.”
Clare to ALG: “I know.”

“I want to buy some legos.  You can just use the money on the computer, right?”
John Paul.  Looks like we need to do some lessons in money management.  Unfortunately, money does NOT grow on trees or in computers.  Bummer.

We have a busy and fun weekend ahead.  Will is participating in PSIA (the private school equivalent to the UIL contests) and then we’re having nine, yes NINE, 10yo boys spend the night for Will’s birthday sleepover.  Check in with me on Sunday to see if we’re still standing.  We’re farming the rest of the kids out, minus Luke, with aunts/uncles/g’parents.  Honestly, it should be a really fun time.

Make it a great weekend.  No doubt I will have stories, quotes and pictures to share next week!

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