QOTW: March 18, 2011

LUKE IS 18 MONTHS OLD TODAY!   Wow, we have come a long way.  Next week, after we visit his gastro doctor, I’ll give you the full report and a big update.  With pictures.  It’s been a while.

“That dinner looks lip smacking.”
Will, after strolling through the kitchen one night.  Who knew homemade calzones would be so popular?

“We don’t have to practice those (respect and courtesy) at home, only at golf camp.”
ALG, oh my.

To which Will replied, “Oh YES we do Sisty.”  So there.

“You know…”
The beginning of all of Clare’s sentences these days.  So cute.

Make it a fantastic weekend.  We have lots of fun things in store.  Blog, next week, deets.  Until then, enjoy your spring break!

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  1. thomas tucker on March 18, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Hm. Wonder where Clare gets that???

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