QOTW: February 18, 2011

Clare, trying to say we were having “Nana’s manicotti” for dinner.  So cute.  Three-year-old lingo rocks.

“Oh, yeah.  That’s definitely a double ear infection.”
Well that’s just awesome, doc.  Sweet Clare got croup just as we were winding down Flu 2011 and it developed in a nasty, nasty case of the ears.  What are the odds?  She’s only had ONE ear infection.  Ever.  Well, technically, after this week, she’s had two.  Stop the sickness madness.  Now.

“Let’s get this best and worst stuff over with.  I’m hungry.”
Will, letting us know that he was, indeed, starving.  We started asking the kids to share with us their “best” and worst” parts of their day during dinnertime.  It’s been very insightful, a little humbling and totally worthwhile.  You should try it.

“See you in three weeks at the next weight check.”
The gastro nurse.  LOVE. HER.  Luke gained an amazing 1lb.6oz. since his visit three weeks ago.  I was shocked.  He now weighs 18lbs.6oz. That means he gained roughly an ounce a day.  And this kid moves…alot.  Speaking of moving…

Yes, kids, he is.  I WILL blog about that separately because it definitely brought me to tears.  To be fair, I’ve had a fair amount of those this past week.  It makes me realize that my nearly week-long absence from the blog made me miss chatting about a ton of stuff.

“Like water off a duck’s back.”
Scott, to me, on a day I really needed to hear it.  Somebody did something really nasty and totally uncalled for about a week ago.  No need to dish on the details. But I was really hurt.  Mad, at first, but mostly just really disappointed.  I thought she was my friend.  Evidently we’re not as chummy as I thought.  Eh, you live and learn. The same day I was feeling all sorry for myself, a sweet friend shared that she miscarried her baby.  That put my perspective back where it should’ve been all along.

“How many times are you going to read ‘Twilight’?”
Don’t ask, everyone else is.  I’m slightly addicted.  Thank the good Lord for my friend Shannon who is my enabler.  When’s the next movie night??

“So, Luke’s done nursing, huh?”
Scott, to me last night.  I can’t even bring myself to fully share how sad that makes me.  Another day, maybe 🙁

We have a fun weekend ahead.  Basketball, perhaps a honey-do project and tax preparation (fun, fun).  The joys of being a sole proprietor!  At any rate, make it a great weekend.  There’s lots to love around here.  I hope you do the same.

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  1. Meggan on February 18, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Luke's weight gain is AWESOME! So happy to hear the great news. I have a very good friend whose son was born prematurely (at 23 weeks), and he's had lots of feeding issues, so I know it can be a struggle. Here's hoping for another successful three week checkup!

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