QOTW: October 8, 2010

ME:  “Clare, get rollin’ or we’re going to be late.”
C:  “Mom, we can’t roll {giggles} that will hurt our feet.  We be walkin’.”
ME:  “C, you’re funny.”
C: “NO.  You funny momma.”

“I’m just yanking your chain.”
Will, on how much homework he has and various other random things.  I think he just likes to say that.  It’s hilarious.

“Oh, for the love of Pete.”
ALG, muttering under her breath because Clare forgot something.  Scott’s gonna have to start watching what he says. Ahem.

“Ba, ba, ba”
Lukie!  He’s been doing a semi-wave, accompanied by the sound.  I’m counting that as a word.  BYE!

We have a fun weekend ahead.  Only one flag football game (I’ve got pictures coming next week from the season).  Last weekend JP’s team cleaned house.  38-0.  He scored two TD’s and guess where I was?  In the bathroom.  To quote a friend, that’s just fan-freakin-tastic.  Hopefully, he can score one more for ‘ol mom.  I do believe there might be some painting going on this weekend, some napping, some bike riding and some cookie baking.  Sounds like a good weekend to me.  Make it a great one!

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