QOTW: September 3, 2010

“It’s September?!?”
Me.  Still in disbelief.

“Next time, just pull your pants down farther.”
The x-ray tech to me.  Um, yeah.  That took me off guard.

“Dad, you’re gonna LOVE dinner.”
Will, my new favorite child.

ME:  “Clare, mommy has lost her head.”
CLARE: “No you haven’t mommy, it’s still on your body!”

“I just love walking in this room when we get home from school.”
Will, admiring our new view in the laundry room.  Me too, my man.

“I need you to comb my hair and put in a bow so I look pretty for when Santa comes.”
Clare.  I got nothin.  No clue as to where she got this.

“Hamster in a wheel.”
Me.  I am CRAZY busy with work.  I think all my clients pow-wowed and decided to call me the same week.  Not complaining.  Cash is good.  I just have a lotta late nights and Dr. Peppers in my near future.

MR. CALKINS:  “So, Will, I hear your favorite team is UT.”
WILL:  [smiling] “The Aggies!  Oh, and it’s t.u.”
Hopefully, that won’t impede Will’s admission to St. Dominic Savio in a few years, Mr. Calkins is the principal!
It should be a lovely weekend here.  We have plans to go see the Aggies (can I hear a WHOOP!!), do some tailgating and see some sweet friends.  There are plans to spend time together as a family, eat homemade pizza and do nothing (for them) and work (for me).  My kind of Labor Day weekend.  Make it a great one.

p. to the s. Your before/after laundry photos, the vacay wrap-up and Clare’s first day of school are coming.  Double pinky swear.

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