QOTW: September 10, 2010

ME:  “Will, why wouldn’t you let me give you a kiss on the first day of school?”
WILL:  “Because I know how you operate.”

“I don’t want to eat my ice cream fast ’cause I don’t want brain pees.”
Clare.  Hilarious.

“Pass the wock-e-mow-e.”
Clare.  Oh, and that would be guac-a-mole.

Well, our weekend is full of flag football, flag football and a little more flag football.  Making up for lost time due to the holiday weekend and Tropical Storm Hermine.  It’s our last week with an eleven month old.  Wow.  Next week, you can expect some “a look back” posts on our last year.  It’s going to be an emotional week and next couple of months for me as we hit all the year anniversaries of so many dark and bright days.  So, depending upon how much you want to hear, you may want to check in next week.

Make it a great weekend!

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