QOTW: August 13, 2010

“Is this normal weather?”
Will, upon encountering hail and rain as we entered Roswell, NM, on our vacation.  No, honey, I’m afraid it’s not.  We just got lucky!

“Two fours, baby.”
John Paul, announcing how close he was to winning in car bingo.  Mom beat him to the punch.  Competitive much?

“Oh my goodness.  Did Luke just sleep through the night?”
Said in unison by Scott and I the past few nights.  I think we’re still in shock.  Shhhh.  Let’s keep it on the down lo, no need to get excited just yet.  We’re just thankful for a few nights of decent sleep. 

We have a busy weekend ahead.  It’s our last one for the summer (sigh).  Kindergarten open house is on Monday and then I cry like a baby on Tuesday when I send three off to school for the first day.  I may not be back in the saddle until Tuesday, but then again I might surprise myself.  Vacay, Part Two, is coming soon.  Make it a great weekend!

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