QOTW: May 21, 2010

“Your real, real, REAL name is Scott.”
John Paul, after referring to Scott as Dad, then clarified his “actual” name.

Me:  “Anna-Laura, did you wake up your sister this morning?”
ALG: “No.  I only said, ‘Clare, it’s time to wake up.’  I didn’t touch her.”

“That’s my friend!”
Clare, while pointing to big sister ALG at Pre-K graduation.  So cute.

“The policeman will give you a ticket for screaming, Sisty.”
John Paul after tiring of hearing his sister scream in the car.  Oh, if only John Paul.  If only.

And, from Pope Benedict XVI on the importance of authentic Christian politicians…
“The Pope explained how “the spread of a confused cultural relativism, and of a utilitarian and hedonistic individualism weakens democracy and favours the dominance of strong powers. We must recover and reinvigorate authentic political wisdom; be demanding in what concerns our own sphere of competency; make discriminating use of scientific research; face reality in all its aspects, going beyond any kind of ideological reductionism or utopian dream; show we are open to true dialogue and collaboration, bearing in mind that politics is also a complex art of equilibrium between ideals and interests, but never forgetting that the contribution of Christians can be decisive only if knowledge of faith becomes knowledge of reality, the key to judgement and transformation. What is needed is a true ‘revolution of love'”.

We’re off to enjoy a delicious fish fry with the Williamson County A&M Club this weekend, finish a few honey-do’s, ride some bikes and chill.  Only 8 1/2 days left of school.  YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!  Make it a great weekend.

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  1. Indiana Elephant on May 22, 2010 at 1:28 am

    We're going to the Holy Family conference here in Indiana. We'll be sure to offer some prayers up for all of you and Luke! Have a well-deserved, peaceful weekend!

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