QOTW: March 26, 2010

“Oh, Luke.  Did you spit down?”
Anna-Laura asking Luke if he spit UP.  Cute.

“Mom, if you have time to read your iPhone, how come you don’t have time to read Harry Potter?”
Will, to me.  Busted.

“It’s weird.  Today’s my last day to be 8.”
Will, this morning at breakfast.

“We just have to lean into it.”
Scott, commenting on how we need to quit complaining about Luke’s non-sleeping and eating and just roll with it.  Lucky for him, he busted that quote out at 10pm, not 3am.

“He’s 10lbs. 6oz.!”
The nurse at Luke’s weight check this morning.  Yippee!!  I darn near cried.

It will most definitely be an awesome weekend here.  Will and Papa Farnum both have birthdays tomorrow.  And, the birthday boy (former) gets to celebrate with 20 other boys from school and the hood.  I’ve got to post pics this weekend of what we have in store tonight.  I’m quite sure if I was 9, this surprise would be heaven.

And, you’ll get your reflection on how I feel about being a mom for nearly a decade tomorrow. Dang, I’m getting old.  Although, I’m quite sure my 80+ year-old grandfather would disagree with me there 🙂

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I have not:  a) jumped off a cliff, b) checked myself into a mental hospital or c) persuaded a doc to give me some meds.  Tuesday was just a bad day and I had to get it all out.  I’m better.  Promise.

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