QOTW: February 6, 2010

Oops, Friday slipped away from me before I could post this week’s quotes.  Don’t shoot me.

“You Mormon?”
Running group guy to me when he found out I had five kids.  It was sortof funny, but not.  I hate that stereotype.  And, yes, I realize that the “h” word is a strong one.  I would’ve delved into a discussion on theology but I could barely mutter out a ‘No, I’m Catholic’ between huffs.

“I didn’t do it, my mouth did.”
John Paul trying to explain away his burping at the dinner table.

“Come on Clare, let’s exercise like Mommy!”
Anna-Laura to little sister…that one just made me smile 🙂

“I worked so hard to put on that shirt.  I don’t wanna change {insert waaaaaaahhhhhh}!”
Will, after I made him change clothes for the Diaconate ordination this morning.  Wow.  I am a mean mom.

We have a busy weekend here – Diaconate ordination (23 men!!), basketball game and a neighborhood Superbowl Party.  Should be fun.  We also have a special guest in the house, Chester, the kindergarten class raccoon.  More on his adventures on Monday.  Make it a great weekend!

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