QOTW: February 12, 2010

“I not tacky.  Sisty, she tacky.”
Clare, talking about Anna-Laura screaming in the back seat because of something that I can no longer remember.  Such is life with a 4-year-old girl.

 “You not talk to Wukie, only ME, Sisty.”
Clare, fighting with ALG over who gets to talk to Luke in the car.  In the swing.  In the bumbo.  In my arms.

Little story before the quote.  Last weekend before the big game, the Sisters dropped by and one of them, Sr. Maria Gemma, made a bet with Will.  If the Colts won, she would say a Hail Mary for him, if the Saints pulled out the “W”, then he owed her one.  This was our conversation in the kitchen on Monday morning before school.

Me:  “Will, did you pray your Hail Mary for Sr. Maria Gemma?”
Will:  “Oh yeah, Mom. (said with emphasis on the “oh yeah”)  I did it first thing while I was making my bed.”

“Mmm, that sure is good.”
Clare, after Scott gave her a lick of the cookie icing.

Obviously, it was a Clare week.  Her vocabulary is budding and she’s so emphatic when she speaks.  Love.  It.  I guess she wants to make sure her voice doesn’t get lost in the sea of crazy here.  I can’t blame her.  I feel the same way.

This weekend will be a really fun one.  We’re finally celebrating the birthday boy’s big day – YEA!!  Superheros will descend upon our home Saturday afternoon, as will a delish cake from Central Market.  That’s really the reason we celebrate birthdays at our house.  They’re a well choregraphed ploy to score buttercream icing cakes from CM.  Aunt Amanda is already salivating 🙂  Will has a basketball game and we’re looking forward to our annual family Valentine’s Day dinner with  my parents and brother/SIL and Ava.  Is is sad that I’m already looking forward to that meal and it’s only Friday morning?!

Make it a great weekend!

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