Update 9.3.09

After a horrible dream about the baby last night – I woke up in a cold sweat at 4:30am and really never went back to sleep – I was incredibly thankful that I had a visit with my perinatologist today.

We passed the heartbeat test first run out – I was elated. The other ultrasound markers for my perfect “10” came out great as well. The only hard part was not seeing my beloved Dr. H. He was on vacay this week – deflated doesn’t even begin to describe my heart when a different doctor did the growth scan. But, he will be back next week, so I can rest easy 🙂

Dr. R said everything looked great from his perspective. Baby W is now 3.5 pounds – can I hear a WOO HOO? We’re beginning to fall a little under the 10th percentile, but still growing. So, we continue to take it week by week. Every week the baby and I stay as one, the better. We’ll just keep plugging away, I suppose. He did remind me that delivery is imminent. The waiting game has begun. I’m working like a fiend to get all my client work done, but if it doesn’t happen – it doesn’t happen.

As Scott says, “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Equally exciting news is that the girls started their first day of pre-k/mother’s day out today. Scott said they bounded right in, waved and began a new adventure. The sweetness of life continues. Praise God for that.

While they were off learning their ABCs, playing and making new friends, I snuck in a pedicure and lunch with a sweet friend. It has been/is a magnificent day. I’ll admit, the quiet house kinda freaked me out. I was relieved to pick up the girls and look forward to getting the boys in another hour or so.

I’ll post school pics soon.

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  1. Nicole on September 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Glad the appt. went well today K… Knowing delivery is upon you very soon, I'm continuing to pray, pray, pray. Keep us updated!

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