QOTW: September 11, 2009

Will: So, why are we having a party for cousin John, Mom?

Me: Because he just got back from his year-long deployment to Iraq.

Will: Oh, so was he there like on vacation or something?

Me: Uh, no. He was over there protecting your hiney.

Will: You said hiney, Mom!

So I did. But, the message is still the same. John, we’re thrilled to have you home (and stationed down the road at Camp Mabry for the next 6 years!) and thank God everyday for the sacrifice you make. I’m sure today evokes many memories for everyone of us. One of those moments in history that give you pause to think about just how horrible it was, how far we’ve come and how we should never forget.

God Bless America and put on a little Neil Diamond in your CD player if you’ve got it 🙂

We are supposed to have a busy weekend, but the rain (THANK YOU JESUS!) may pre-empt the weekend ‘o sports games. Will started flag football and ALG and JP are in soccer. ALG has a double-header, so between the three, we’ll be spectators at four. We shall see if that actually happens. I’ll be super bummed for the kids, but not so bummed that we’ll have some extra time on our hands.

My Papa and his wife, Betty, are here all weekend for his WWII Bomb Group reunion. That’s a big hoo-rah. The girls, Mom and I had lunch together and it was so fun. I love that at 83 he’s still active, funny and very engaged in our lives. It’s a tremendous gift and I’m so very thankful that my children have the opportunity to know their great-grandfather. That just rocks.

Hey, make it a great weekend, ok? We’ll post some fun pics from the “Cousin John Welcome Home” bash, along with some weekend festivities.

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