Update 8.22.09

It is with great joy that I write today’s update on Baby W. I’m telling ya, just a quick 12+ weeks ago, I lay on that sonogram table with a grim outlook. This week’s visits reminded me that there is power through prayer. And, while our answer was one that we hoped might happen, should the outcome have been different, we would still rejoice. Why? Because the entire time God has been with us…through each of you. There’s nothing like walking through a horrible storm, holding the hand of your best friend.

Your prayers have given us strength.

Your prayers have shown us that God’s plan is, most certainly, different than our own.

Your prayers have inspired other people to carry their crosses with joy.

Your prayers allow us to see that even though God is good, all the time, the challenges still await us.

Your prayers have reminded us to be thankful, in all things.

The baby is steadily gaining weight (we’re nearing 3 pounds!), still on the super low end of the chart, but this one’s a trooper. Movement, amniotic fluid, heartrate and fetal breathing all got high scores this week. And, on Tuesday we reached a big milestone: Week 32. Our sweet, ever-honest, Dr. H reminded us that morbidity is still a concern of his during weeks 33-37. Funny, but I find his honesty very reassuring. While I know that sounds incredibly odd, I like proving medical science wrong. I guess Baby W does too.

Our goal now is to get to 37 weeks and have a good 5-pounder on our hands. I like goals. I especially like to exceed them. We shall see what God has in store.

In other related prayer requests, I’d like to offer up three women in particular…

One who is expecting her first but has some heart problems.
Another who just received word her unborn baby has a severe case of spina bifida.
And another who suffered her fourth miscarriage this week.

The crosses we bear as moms and women are often heavy. But I know from experience it’s much lighter when others help you carry it.

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