QOTW: July 25, 2009

“Daddy hurt me.”
Don’t go calling CPS. Scott didn’t realize Clare was behind him in the kitchen and she got a knuckle to the face. When I asked her what happened, she busted out with this 3-word sentence.

“Is that the best you’ve got?”
Will, to Scott, during a fierce game of mini-golf on Webkinz. So proud that our 8-year-old has learned the fine art of trash talking.

“Mom, is that the guy in the purple shirt? I like him, he doesn’t hurt me.”
John Paul showing his love for the nurse and not the doc right after getting stitches.

“Mommy, when I’m old like you, can I shave my legs?”
Yes. You must be 35 before you pick up a razor.

And, with that, we’ll call it a day. Tune in on Sunday for the vacation pics – make it a great weekend!

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