QOTW: July 17, 2009

“I’m so mad I could spit.”
Will, mimicking Scott, when he realized the garage sink he just bought wouldn’t fit. Little parrots, I tell ya.

Clare, when we ask if she wants to go play at the sprinkler park. What can I say? Not a fan of water.

“Oh, this is so annoying.”
John Paul, in reference to his sisters.

It’s been a fun, albeit Africa hot, week. Still no rain in the forecast and the yard is shriveling up day by day, while the electricity bill is going to require a second mortgage on the house. Fun times.

This weekend, we’re heading to the Dell Diamond for some good ‘ol fashioned fun. The kids always dig our big outing…here’s hoping I can keep them all up for the end of the game. We’re not regular bedtime ritual rule breakers, but this night is always worth it. We’ll just pay for it the next morning. Hopefully, the last round of home improvement projects will get completed this weekend so we can put up the hammers, paint cans and nails for a while. A girl can dream.

I finally, for the first time in months, feel like crazy is slowly exiting the premises. That is a good feeling my friends. Next week should be full of some family fun, as Scott takes some time off work and we gear up to celebrate 13 years of marriage. Make it a great weekend!

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