Update 6.4.09

It’s not door #2. Just got off the phone with the genetic counselor and the baby tested negative for all the viral cultures. We’re still awaiting the final chromosomal report (due early next week), but all indicators are pointing to one pesky placenta.

Like I said in my first post last week, they’re all pretty lousy explanations if you ask me.

So, what does that mean? We’re in a bit of a holding pattern and will continue to monitor the placenta through serial ultrasounds, done every 2-4 weeks, and make sure it’s keeping pace with the baby and that he/she continues to grow. That, and pray. I’ll know more after my OB visit next week.

There was much relief when I got the call this afternoon. Even though some of the viral options could have been treated in utero (which is what got us into this whole amnio frenzy to begin with), the side effects and possible long-term implications for the baby were a little scary. To be quite honest, I wasn’t really rooting for any of the doors. We just wanted an answer, which we most likely have now, and some peace knowing that God will walk with us in our journey.

This last week has been a walk of patience and growth. I’m not, by nature, a patient person – which I realize may really shock some of you 🙂 There is my way, and then there is the proverbial highway. God, however, has sent us on a detour with tons of road construction and a heck of a lotta red lights…making us wait, and trust, in Him.

It’s funny, because just last week (the same day we found out the unsettling news from our initial ultrasound), I began a Bible study with some gals from school. “The 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter.” It’s taken me back to the good book that I’ve been neglecting for a while. Coincidence? Uh, no.

It’s also made me incredibly, incredibly thankful for my life. We always say that we have blessings, that our kids are gifts, that we love our husbands, but this past week I’ve been seeing transformation before my very eyes. That is divinity. That is miraculous. So, perhaps God is doing all this as a reminder that life is good. And, more importantly, He’s allowing you to see how even in a really stinky situation, He is present.

God is good.

All the time.

No exceptions.

No fine print.

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