QOTW: May 8, 2009

Yeah, so I bet you thought I forgot this was even a “regular” on the blog. Nope, just lazy.

“Did she just stick a tater tot up her nose?”
Scott, asking me if Clare did indeed do the said crazy act. That would be a yes. This should be filed under my top ten from Wednesday. Did we take her to the ER like we would’ve done 8 years ago? Nah, we just pulled out the saline, a bulb sucker and some tweezers. Voila. Problem solved.

“Mom, I’m already missing La.”
Anna-Laura on Monday morning after Will’s Godmother, Carla, left to head back to Indiana.

“Mom, do you want to play hang man?”
Will to me this morning. I was hesitant because we were running late, but I did it anyway. The message? “I love you Mom!” Sometimes God makes you stop the rat race and it makes your day.

“The buyer has agreed to your terms. Final paperwork on the house will be in your hands tomorrow.”
Sweet words from our agent last night. The house is really, truly, o-fficially sold. In 3 weeks and 3 days, we’re outta here!!

It should be a fantastic weekend…and I say that because it BETTER be a fantastic weekend. It’s Mother’s Day! Yea for no cooking! Yea for no cleaning! Yea for bubble baths! Ok, let’s not get crazy. But, I already feel loved, so it can’t get much better, unless of course we found THE house this weekend 🙂 Stay tuned!

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