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I thought sharing some fun pics from ALG’s 4th birthday might brighten the blog this week – and my day 🙂

Because of the pending move, we weren’t sure what state the house (and we!) would be in come Anna-Laura’s birthday. This one was all my mom’s idea and it was brilliant. Nana, Aunt Amanda, ALG and I met for a morning of shopping and pampering. It was awesome. Clearly, the birthday girl felt treated right.

If you live in Austin, you must visit Polkadots, a cupcake factory. Shannon, thanks for getting us addicted. We wanted to find a cute cake and we stumbled upon this one…I’d go so far to say it’s the cutest stinkin’ cake I’ve ever seen. But, then again, you haven’t seen what else this bakery can do. Anna-Laura lu-uved it.

This photo just cracks me up. She was waiting at the table, not so patiently, for all of us to gather ’round and start the singing. I mean, cake IS why one has a birthday party, is it not?

My brother, the photojournalist, took most of these. He’s our official birthday photographer. Par usual, he’s not in any of them. Daniel, at Clare’s birthday, I’m taking one of you, deal? And, you get payback when it’s your kiddo’s turn at the candles!
Notice the festive “Merry Christmas” plates? Yes, this is what happens when you spend more time hunting the perfect cake and totally space on the plates and napkins. 4 kids. Pregnancy brain. Whatever.
It was a low-key, family birthday, and the birthday girl felt like a princess. Birthday party a success!

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  1. amanda on May 29, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    I have to admit I was a little disappointed to not see the usual Central Market cake…but then I tasted this cake. That was one tasty cake! YUMMY! Real strawberries! I was totally expecting that line of red mush when you told me it had strawberry filling. Not so much – way better!

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