QOTW: April 3, 2009

“Oh, that’s a good, strong heartbeat!”
Dr. Orth after hearing a healthy 168bpm on the doppler at my OB visit this morning 🙂

“We are just the luckiest people.”
Will, while eating dinner outside at Uncle Cory and Aunt Jennifer’s house during spring break.

“Is Alex a boy or a girl?”
John Paul, inquiring about the sex of his nephew.

“We’ll always have Paris.”
Said, like a million times, in the last week by Scott and I. Getting everybody deprogrammed takes so much energy.

“Um, that looks like a bad hole, Mommy.”
Will, after seeing the huge hole in our kitchen skylight – courtesy of our hail storm last week. Awesome.

“Previously, on ER.”
So sad I won’t be hearing that again.

We have lots of fun in store this weekend – two whole days full of absolutely NOTHING to do. Can that be possible? So looking forward to playing outside and enjoying our pretty spring weather. It’ll be 100 before we know it and we’ll be camped out inside with the AC. Make it a great weekend everybody. I’ll dish on our crazy week and give you the Paul Harvey “rest of the story” on the baseball season.

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