QOTW: February 20, 2009

“Dad, can I give up school for Lent?”
Will, at breakfast one morning.

“Man, I have GOT to take some weight off.”
Will, after learning he weighed 61 pounds.

“I am your MOM, not the MAID.”
Kathryn, while asking (nicely, of course) Will to pick up his room.

“Well, they kinda sound alike.”
Will’s response.

Yes, it was a big quote week for Master Will. Some funny, others notsomuch. We’re off to basketball and a church family event this weekend…and we’re madly dashing around getting ready for our trip to Europe! It’s hard to believe that Lent, yes you read correctly, is just around the corner. It’s one of our favorite times of year and this year we plan to do even more to prepare our hearts and our minds for a fantastic Easter. Make it a great weekend everybody!

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