QOTW: January 30, 2009

….(insert horrific gasp here)
Me, as I opened the dry cleaning bag. (see yesterday’s post)

“Wow, Sisty, your new bows look really nice!”
John Paul noting ALG’s fashion sense. Never too young to teach a man how to recognize when a girl does something new with her hair.

ALG, screaming at the top of her lungs, at the birth certificate office. Oh, and NO, she was not.

It’s an action-packed weekend here at Casa Whitaker. Basketball game, slab signing at the new Catholic high school, nephew Alex’s FIRST birthday and some minor house redecorating (that’s what happens when Aaron Bros. has all their frames 50% off – I just can’t pass up a good deal). I’ll get the photos of JP’s celebration posted soon. Until then, make it a great weekend…

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