Clare Update: 17 months

We’re inching up on that 1.5 mark. Life is never dull with Clare. She’s walking/running and got her first pair of shoes this week. We were holding out and planned on letting her wear the Robeze for another few weeks. But, she has this “funny” habit of throwing things in the trash. Since the shoes have been MIA for a couple of days, we think the trashman is a proud owner of some pink-flowered shoes. Ah, such is life.

Clare is big into stacking things now. The kids love to stack things and then she barrels through and knocks them done. HOURS of entertainment, people, HOURS.

She’s quite fascinated with anyone who comes to the door. She starts waving madly and screaming out “BYE!” And, when Scott walks in the door at night she can hardly contain herself.

I’m still holding out on cutting her curls. Wouldn’t you?

The baby phase is still in full swing. We have 3 or 4, but yet she and Anna-Laura fight over the one-eyed, pen-marked baby with dingy clothes. Oh, don’t you want the pretty smelling baby with her clean clothes and eyes that work? No thankyouverymuch Mom. Oh well, it keeps life interesting around here. And, I’m totally loving the belly poking out from beneath the shirt, here. Quite svelte, this one.

It’s been a fantastically fun month watching her gain gross motor skills and perfect the fine motor ones. No matter what number child we’re on, the “wow” factor never gets old. Clare, the family wouldn’t be the same without you!

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