QOTW: August 29, 2008

“This taco is hard, and this one is easy.”
John Paul, referring to his hard and “soft” tacos.

(yelling) “We don’t say that man is fat, right, Mom?
Yep, John Paul talking about the guy who fixed our water heater this week. John Paul was kind enough to whisper “fat”. And, so ensued a conversation about keeping comments like that to ourselves. I’d relive it for you, but that would take all morning.

Clare, after discovering strawberries!

Have a great weekend gang. The boys are off to Aggieland tomorrow afternoon. I suppose I’ll just enjoy the peace and quiet with half the kids 🙂

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  1. amanda on August 29, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    You gals will have to do something extra girly! 🙂

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