QOTW: July 11, 2008

You may be asking what the heck is QOTW? Well, they do say imitation is the highest form of flattery. A good friend and veteran blogger, Shannon, has POTD on her blog (Picture of the Day). Well, Shannon is a pro-fessional photographer. So, she’s blessed with great talent in the fotografica department. Me? Well, I suppose listening to my kids when they talk is my talent? Um, maybe not. But, at any rate, they say some funny stuff. So, in honor of that funniness, we’re going to share the “Quotes of the Week” with you each Friday. Some will need an explanation and others, well, they won’t. Raise a glass to some giggles. TGIF.

“Mom, my old penis is back!”
What better quote than this one. I’ll give you three guesses? What? You got it in one? Yep, John Paul blessed us with this gem after he had his MRI last week. After they catherized him, it wasn’t so pleasant to pee (another post on that next week) and it took a good 24 hours for him to be “normal” again…hence his exclamation above.

“Well, I’m not doing that again.”
Will after hauling Anna-Laura in the wagon in the 4th of July kiddie parade.

“Da! Ma!”
Clare officially said her first words!! Like the rest, she gave Dad kudos first. But, ‘ol mom made it shortly thereafter.

“That bird scared me ta def.”
Anna-Laura’s reply after walking to the back door and a bird nearly hit the window.

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