Monthly Update: Clare’s 1 Year

Yes I know I’ve been delinquent in this department. Clare was really one back on June 28, but it’s been a wee bit hectic around here. Ok, who am I kidding. It’s always hectic.

Clare is a bundle of energy. Just holding her you get worn out. She loves to MOVE. She loves to crawl on one leg. She uses her right one as her push off and when at rest, her kickstand. That’s turned into her new nickname, by the way. And, in the last couple of weeks, she started the cruising around the furniture. We know what’s ahead. Oh, you were thinking walking? I was thinking massive fights between the children as she gets into all their stuff AND the infamous Whitaker bruise that will soon appear on her forehead after all her falls. All my children do it, Clare’s number is up.

Table food? Um, notsomuch. She’ll eat cheerios, Gerber puffs, graham crackers and french fries (go figure), but nothing else unless it looks like baby food or cereal. After our visit to the doctor, we learned she probably has some “texture issues” so we are back on baby food (can you hear the joy as I type?) for the next two months. At 14 months, we’ll try table food again. Here’s hoping she likes it better the second time around.

Talking. Well she is doing her own “Clare-ese” and points at everything and says “Sis?” Which, we assume, in our vast baby translation experience must mean “This?” So, we give her the name and she promptly replies, “Sis?”, points and laughs. She must think we’re funny.

Growing…up too fast. She hit the 20-pound mark which means we turned her around in the carseat – HOORAY! She’s nearly 30 inches and she’s already starting to look less baby and more toddler. Clare has taken a liking to her baby – she was lucky enough to get two for her birthday. Anna-Laura has hijacked the other one, so Clare has latched on to this one. It looks just like her big sister’s but slightly more clean…well, at least until she started chomping on the head (see picture). I guess that’s her way of kissing the baby. Either way, she’s a baby fan, too. Love it.

So, the first year is complete and we have many, many milestones to look forward to in the next 12 months. I’m sure they’ll go way too quickly…

We love you Clare Bear 🙂

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