March 28: 9 Month Update

YES, I realize it’s now April 15. I do, really. But with the bug in our house and many late nights for both Scott and I, Clare’s doctor visit just didn’t happen when it was supposed to. But, today we made it to Dr. Enders (YEA!) for Clare’s 9-month well check. Man, what a happy kid.

She’s waving bye (which she totally loves), playing pat-a-cake (classic), smiling, eating baby food (although not her favorite), sitting, trying to crawl (she’s certainly showing more promise than any of her brothers or sister), SLEEPING, a little more smiling and spending lots of time in the car seat 🙂

She weighed in at 19.2 pounds, so that 20-pound threshold at one year is almost here and we can FINALLY turn that carseat around in about 2 more months (give me another YEA). She’s pretty much right in the 50th-percentile for height and weight and the 25th for her head. What a sweet, cute, dainty brain she has.

Our only concerns were her dry skin, which turned out to be a mild form of eczema, and her teething. She’s got her first four teeth about to break free and we’re hearing all about it. Well, us and the neighbors. Can’t remember if we shared that she’s allergic to amoxicillin – fun, fun. So, we’re going to go slow on the table food introduction, steering clear of eggs, dairy and citrus until after a year.

So, bottom line is she’s one happy, healthy, thriving 9-month-old. We certainly can’t ask for a better report than that. Clare is definitely the rock star of the family, stealing most of the attention. The older ones don’t seem to mind and they really enjoy “helping” her do most things. I even put Will on diaper duty the other day and he said to me, “Mom, that was kinda fun.” Buckle up, buttercup, I’m sending more your way!!

Give it up for a fantastic 9-months…I just can’t believe Clare has been out of my belly longer than she was in it…where did the time go?

We love you Clare Bear!

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