10 Months: April 28

Can you believe it? Our little Clare Bear is already 10 months…just two shy of her first birthday. Stop, time, stop!!!

The biggest news is her FIRST tooth made its debut this weekend. Bottom right. I’d show you a picture, but she’ll bite my finger. I love you people, but not enough to draw blood. You’ll have to wait.

She’s got skills, too. Started to master the pincher grasp – that’s a BIG shout-out to fine motor skills. Perhaps we can say bye-bye to Gerber and hello to real food. A girl’s gotta hope.

She loves to: wave bye, spit her food back atcha, turn and twist like a wild woman in the highchair to get the best view of whatever craziness is going on, giggle at John Paul and take baths. She’s about two shakes away from crawling. We’re in major denial. She must not have gotten the Whitaker memo…we do NOT crawl at this house. And, we certainly don’t do any walking before one. We’ll see if she listens. Something tells me we have another John Paul on our hands.

Speaking of John Paul – it’s always a story with him. This weekend was no different. We were at my cousin’s house on Saturday night. They have three dogs – one of which is a little old and doesn’t like to be touched – so they tied him up while we were there. John Paul obviously thought the “please don’t touch Ringo” was merely a “suggestion” not a directive. After a quick pet, Ringo bit our little guy. He immediately came running over, we cleaned out the bite and put some medicine on it. Fortunately, because he and Ringo are both up-to-date on their shots, it’s just a regimen of neosporin and bandaids for the next three days. Sadly, right after we left Ringo bit someone else, sending her to the ER. Sigh. We are just ever so thankful that the bite was on John Paul’s knee and relatively minor. Thank YOU Guardian Angel! Sheez, that poor winged guy is getting a workout these days.

We celebrated (long distance) the baptism of nephew Alex (hooray!) and enjoyed some time with extended family this weekend. I’ll have pictures tomorrow. Promise.

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