Top Ten: Cutest Things My Kids Said This Week

Yes, I realize I barely made it under the wire today. I’ve got a mountain of work to do (the paying kind, not “free-bono” as my Dad says). But, I need a break. The kids are nestled all snug in their beds. Amazingly, not one child has come out for a potty break, drink of water, last kiss or another excuse to “see what mom’s doing.” And, Scott is working late, again. Sigh. His new assistant starts on Monday – BIG HOORAY FOR EMILY – to replace Dawn. That word..replace…seems so grossly inadequate. Dawn died suddenly last October and the void she left in the office and more importantly, in our hearts, is still there. Perhaps a better way to say that is, following in Dawn’s footsteps… Dawn, we miss ya. Lots.

Okay, so back to my top four (next week you’ll get 10). Sorry for digressing. Sometimes somebody’s just on your mind, you know? Let’s get to the list, shall we? For you parents out there, everything our children do is adorable, right? Well, the tantrums aren’t adorable when they’re happening. But I once heard a saying that when we look back on our life the things that made us laugh, will make us cry and those that made us cry, will make us laugh. Here’s to some laughs and tears:


1. “Mom, I’m getting pretty good at being good.” -Humble Will, age 6. On the way home from school everyday, I ask Will the same question, “Did you make good choices today?” He always answers yes, even if he didn’t. But, this is what he said last Friday and I almost drove off the road.

2. “I’m happy now!” -John Paul after throwing a monster fit because he got the white cup instead of “bluish-greenish.” I know, I really should be a better mom.

3. “Ah blah, ah blah” -Clare learning consonants! She’s already brilliant at 7 months. You can hardly stand it, right? The kids have made this a game and at any given moment, 2-3 of them are saying this with her. I suspect she’ll be talking in another month or so…

4. “Be hoit.” -Anna-Laura. I should explain. She has this pair of pajamas (thanks Nana!) that say “Little Girl, Big Heart.” Scott started this little bedtime ritual and it’s become quite comical. He shouts out, “Little Girl” and she replies “Be hoit.” Ah, a Texas accent already.

Part of my Lenten pledge to God was to practice patience, especially with the kids. I’m doing ok, but certainly not great. The other day, I was sitting on the couch nursing Clare and got a little freaked out. The house was completely quiet and all 4 kids were not drugged. Anna-Laura was quietly reading a book, John Paul was playing trains and Will was reading. And, in that moment I just wanted to freeze time. To tell God to just stop the world. I just know that in a milli-second I’m going to look again and the house really will be quiet. Here’s to chaos. Here’s to kids. Here’s to life in the HOV lane. I’ll be hanging out at home with nothing to do soon enough.

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  1. Amber & Martin on February 27, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    I miss Dawn too! I still think about her everyday and wish she was still with us.

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