February 28: 8 Month Update

Eight months? Are you kidding me? I was at the hospital last week, last week, in labor, wasn’t I? Not sleeping through the night and changing a bazillion diapers (oh right, that was last week). Ugh. That’s another thing I hate/love – seeing my kids grow up so darn fast. With Will it lasted such a long time, we’ve been in hyper-drive ever since. What gives?

Enough reminiscing, let’s talk about Clare Bear. This month she’s learned to scoot backwards while sitting and on her belly. Hee-larious. She might crawl, she might not. We’re not real good at that crawling thing here at Casa Whitaker.

But, at least she loves to bounce! The Johnny Jump-Up (a favorite for Will) is so popular, she’s starting to master getting it going so she hits the side of the doors. Now I know why there’s a bumper around the edge. She just holds on the straps and goes crazy. I shot some video the other day. Maybe I’ll figure out how to add video to the blog. Take it to a whole other level. Maybe.

Eating is…going. She loves to nurse, obviously by her NINETEEN pound chubby bunny arms and legs. Cereal and baby food – notsomuch. She’s a social baby, this one. There’s just soooo much to take in here – like a brother standing on a sister or a sister whacking a brother/s on the head with a book/doll/toy/remote or a mom with her head about to spin off. So much to see. Who needs to eat?

Sleeping is not bad. She hits the sack at 7 and wakes up between 4:45 and 6. If we’re lucky I can nurse her and she’ll go back to sleep for another couple of hours. Somedays that’s a big IF. Eh – sleep, so overrated.

She’s really just a love bunny and gets, like, a thousand kisses a day. I’m so glad we stepped aboard the God-plan on this one, went off the deep end and had a fourth. What would our life be like without Clare Bear? Makes me want to have another one. Ok, ok, don’t freak out. The key word there was “want.” We’ll see. I still have to convince Scott 🙂

Happy 8th month pretty girl!

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